Success Stories

TMF Center, Inc.

300 Washington Street
Williamsport, IN 47993

Expanding to Serve Caterpillar – TMF Center, Inc.

TMF Center is a technology-based manufacturing company producing components for off-highway construction equipment and heavy duty trucking.

Founded in 1977 in Illinois, TMF moved to Williamsport, Indiana in 1994 due to the more favorable business climate in Indiana. Since moving to Indiana, TMF Center has grown from annual sales of $5 million to over $48 million today. A family-owned business, TMF Center contributes to the local economy with over 225 employees.

TMF produces components made from steel bar, steel plate and iron castings. The process includes CNC machining (74 machines), robotic loading and welding (7 machines), painting, grinding, heat treatment, sawing and forming.

A second plant recently constructed in the industrial park manufactures parts for Caterpillar’s new OEM Engine for the Trucking Industry, which eliminates the black smoke from diesel engines. This was awarded the Best Invention of the Year in 2004, and TMF manufactures critical pieces for this engine.

“Our local community has people available with good work skills and personal character to help a business succeed. The community leaders help businesses in every way that they can through tax abatements. This combination creates a successful outcome for business citizens, residents, and civic leaders.”

General Manager Andy VanMeter

GL Technologies, LLC

PO Box 128
Williamsport, IN 47993

A Sharp Idea in Tools – GL Technologies

Greg McGowen runs GL Technologies LLC, a company that recommends and procures industrial tooling for manufacturers. He is an expert at working with vendors to solve specific needs. One recent case involved an extremely complex machining project at TMF.

TMF was looking to improve tool life and cycle time when milling a large cast iron fuel block. “We have 800 different dimensions that have to be held in very close tolerances on this component,” McGowen explains. “We have to have milling cutters that can handle that.”

McGowen worked with Walters USA to select new cutters and inserts ideally suited to the project. Testing began in July 2004, and the technology was soon rolled out to 72 Mazak machining centers. Since the start of testing, tool life has increased from 50 minutes to 120 minutes of cut time. Feed rates increased by 50 percent, and cycle time has fallen by 30 percent.

As a result, TMF has been able to increase the number of components delivered without adding any machines on the floor. Tool breakage is minimal, setups are reduced, and downtime is cut because inserts run longer between changes. TMF estimates that every second saved in production adds up to $12,000 to $14,000 per year.

And, quality has not only been maintained but improved. “The ability to maintain finish surface requirements more consistently results in a better product,” Greg McGowen says.

With successes like this, McGowen’s business outgrew his existing facility. He constructed a new building in the industrial park to meet his expanding needs.

St. Vincent Williamsport

412 North Monroe Street
Williamsport, IN 47993

Caring for Local Needs – St. Vincent Health Systems

St. Vincent Williamsport Hospital is a 16-bed acute-care facility serving Warren, Fountain, Benton and Vermilion counties. The hospital offers 24-hour emergency medical treatment, outpatient clinics and hospital services to the community as well as support for the overall health and well being of area citizens. St. Vincent Williamsport was sponsored by St. Vincent in 1996 and achieved Critical Access Hospital designation in 2001. Without the hospital, many people would be required to make lengthy trips to other cities for medical services

St. Vincent Williamsport Hospital also operates two clinics. They are located in Williamsport near the industrial park and in Veedersburg. The clinics provide primary care and some specialized services to the residents of these communities. They are fully staffed and located in accessible areas to facilitate primary patient care.

The physicians on staff at the clinics utilize the inpatient and outpatient services on campus at St. Vincent Williamsport Hospital. The link between primary care and the hospital provides the clients with more diagnostic and therapeutic services and ensures continuity of care that is crucial to positive outcomes.

The Hospital purchased property at the Industrial Park for future expansion. The Hospital’s strategic plan includes a possible out-patient clinic for diagnosis.

CareScience recently ranked St. Vincent Williamsport #8 in the nation for quality health care.

Warren County Learning Center

26 East Second Street
Williamsport, IN 47993

Lifelong Learning – Community Alliance to Promote Education

Warren County’s Community Alliance to Promote Education (CAPE) formed to pursue funding for local cradle-to-grave educational opportunities. A broad group of community leaders developed a comprehensive plan including an alternative school, preschool/daycare programs, reading program, technology in the schools including video conferencing, a new community learning center for adult literacy education, summer children’s enrichment programs, and workforce training.

Their efforts were rewarded with success in 2001 when the Lilly Endowment provided a $5,000,000 grant for educational programs affecting all ages of Warren County’s population. The Lilly Endowment later contributed an additional $800,000 to support childcare, adult education and workforce training, a youth mentoring program, professional development within the public schools, and technology in the schools and the Warren County Learning Center. The community has utilized other resources to sustain nearly all of the Lilly-sponsored programs.

Building on the CAPE momentum, community meetings in 2005 identified the need for health/fitness facilities and programs. The Metropolitan School District of Warren County constructed a new building to share with the community. The Warren County Community Foundation procured grant funding to equip the new facility through North Central Health Services of Lafayette.

The new facility features a large exercise room with state-of-the-art equipment. The facility also has an indoor track that can be used by residents prior to school, at lunchtime, and in the evenings. The school employs staff to reach out to the community regarding physical health and wellness.

Local Economic Development Organization (LEDO)

A Little LEDO Goes a Long Way – Grants and Awards

Warren County’s Local Economic Development Organization (LEDO) has an admirable track record of bringing dollars into the county to build and support business infrastructure. Our total is over $1.3 million and counting! Here are some of the grants and awards we’ve received:

  • $500,000 Lilly Endowment:
    for the development of an Industrial Park
  • $200,000 Indiana Department of Commerce:
    for infrastructure for existing businesses
  • $253,000 United States Department of Agriculture:
    for infrastructure to the Industrial Park
  • $160,000 United State Department of Agriculture:
    for the creation of a Revolving Loan Fund for new and existing businesses
  • $50,000 Indiana Rural Development Council:
    for the creation of a larger Revolving Loan Fund for the creation of new jobs
  • $30,000 Indiana Rural Development Council:
    for the development of an economic development strategic plan
  • $50,000 Indiana Rural Development Council:
    for the creation of the Wabash Valley Workforce Consortium for workforce training
  • $20,000 Indiana Department of Labor:
    for the creation of the Manufacturing Readiness Boot Camp for new hires
  • $20,000 Indiana Department of Labor:
    for Six Sigma training for employers
  • $20,000 Community Development Action Grant:
    for marketing and administration for the new Industrial Park.

Smaller grants have been awarded to the LEDO from the following organizations: Cinergy, Verizon, REMC, Kiwanis, Warren County Community Foundation, Rotary, and the Attica Community Foundation.