Educational Opportunities

The local workforce is powered by a state-leading K-12 school, diverse career technical educational programs, and continuing workforce education center located in county seat. College bound students often continue their education in nearby institutions like Purdue University, Wabash College, or Indiana State University.

MSD of Warren county

Grad Rate: 97.8% (2019-2020 cohort)

College and Career Readiness Rate: 90.5% (2018-2019 cohort)

Internship: 33% seniors engaged in an internship.

Technical Education: 23% students engaged

College credits: Class of 2020 earned a total of 1,513 dual credits with an average of 14
credits/student. One student graduated with 38 transcripted college credits.

Residential focus

Preschool – Private School

The Williamsport Day School provides day care and accepts elementary and older students for private Montessori schooling at their Williamsport facility. Numerous other licensed
day care programs in the county have been initiated through CAPE. A large and active home-schooling community supports a cooperative providing field trips and enrichment
programs for students of all ages.

Wabash River Career & Technical Education

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