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Warren County Region advances in Stellar Pathways Program


Williamsport, IN, 6/18/2024 – The Warren County Local Economic Development Organization (LEDO) announced today the advancement of the region’s Stellar Pathways Program application through the Office of Community and Rural Affair (OCRA). The application was one of nineteen applications submitted across the state with four applications advancing for further consideration. Dan Duchemin, President of Warren County LEDO stated, “It’s a great honor to be in this group of finalists. LEDO is excited to support local efforts building community vibrancy to attract and retain talent in our rural community.”

In March, local elected officials John Comer, Sharon Hutchison, Brian Jordan, and Ben Dispennett attended a two-day Stellar Pathways Program information session on the newly revamped program and to identify local projects that would meet the program’s requirements.

“The Stellar Pathways Program would build on the community’s vision developed in our Comprehensive Plan Update completed in 2022 and would accelerate those efforts if we are chosen,” said County Commissioner, John Comer. “We are thrilled to advance to the next step.” Williamsport council president Brian Jordan added, “The town of Williamsport has been investing in quality-of-life improvement projects and the Stellar Pathway Program is a great opportunity to transform facilities and public assets in the community.”

Advancing regions will now fully develop their application for final determination and designation in early 2025. For the Warren County Region, Warren County LEDO will collaborate with elected officials and the community to complete the region’s application.

About Stellar Pathway Program: In January 2024, OCRA launched the improved Stellar Pathways Program, building off of previous reiterations of the Stellar Communities Program.  The Stellar Pathways Program is a multi-agency, multi-million-dollar investment initiative led by the Office of Community and Rural Affairs. The program works with communities within a county boundary on a shared vision for community and economic development, promotes local and regional partnerships, and assists in implementing sustainable solutions to challenges facing Indiana’s rural communities. More information:

About Warren County LEDO: Warren County Local Economic Development Organization is a non-profit serving local governments and businesses in Warren County, Indiana. The mission of the organization is to facilitate growth through development of infrastructure and workforce, programs and services to businesses, and quality of life initiatives. More information:

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