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St.Vincent Williamsport Hospital

Vincent Williamsport Hospital is a 16-bed acute-care facility serving Warren, Fountain, Benton and Vermilion counties. The hospital offers 24-hour emergency medical treatment, outpatient clinics and hospital services to the community as well as support for the overall health and well being of area citizens.

St.Vincent Williamsport was sponsored by St.Vincent in 1996 and achieved Critical Access Hospital designation in 2001. Without the hospital, many people would be required to make lengthy trips to other cities for medical services.

St.Vincent Williamsport Hospital and Fountain and Warren County schools began a flagship program in the fall of 2001 to give junior and senior high school students an opportunity to explore a career in health care. St.Vincent Williamsport Hospital not only provides clinical experience through the hospital, but also a fully equipped classroom where students from four different schools attend class.

The Health Careers program offers students onsite medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and hands-on patient care.