Warren county profile - education

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MSD Warren County: The Metropolitan School District (MSD) of Warren County serves 1,400 students with a junior/senior high school centrally located north of West Lebanon and three grade schools, one north of West Lebanon, one in Williamsport, and one in Pine Village.

    • Strong community focus on reading and its long range planning committee make it one of the more progressive in the state.
    • All schools boast high speed computer networks and distance learning labs.
    • Seeger High School offers advanced college placement programs as well as strong vocational programs in welding, machine trades, auto mechanics, horticulture/ landscaping, health careers, and computer-assisted drafting.
    • Half of the junior/ senior high students are involved in vocal or instrumental music.
    • An alternative school program hosted by MSD Warren County and serving both Fountain and Warren County schools takes high risk students out of the main school buildings and provides them with individualized teacher attention and specialized computer-based learning.


photo: MSD Warren County serves 1400 students in new or recently remodeled facilities. 

Warren County Learning Center:The Learning Center, which adjoins the Williamsport library, is a separate program offering cultural and enrichment opportunities, small business resources, and business/industry training facilities. The center has state-of-the-art computer labs with high speed internet access, a distance learning lab, and a classroom. Learning Center contact information is: 765-764-1880, WarrenCountyLearningCenter@live.com.

Preschool/Private Schools: The Williamsport Day School provides day care and accepts elementary and older students for private Montessori schooling at their Williamsport facility. Numerous other licensed day care programs in the county have been initiated through CAPE. A large and active home-schooling community supports a cooperative providing field trips and enrichment programs for students of all ages.  

Higher Education: Many highly-ranked universities and colleges are within an hour's drive of Warren County.