• Electricity: Duke Energy serves much of Warren County. The Wabash Valley Power Association serves many areas through the Warren County REMC. The northern edge of the county purchases power from NIPSCO.
  • Gas: Vectren Corporation supplies gas throughout the region. Bulk propane service for outlying areas is provided by several companies.
  • Water/sewer: Williamsport and West Lebanon have municipal water and waste treatment systems. Williamsport's facilities have been upgraded to higher capacity to keep pace with industrial and residential growth in the area. West Lebanon's water supply was upgraded in the 1990s. The town of Pence has a small municipal water utility. Excellent underground aquifers and the Wabash River provide abundant water supplies. Wells can be developed to provide 250 gallons per minute.
  • Telecommunications: Local telecommunication services are provided by AT&T. Fiber-optic lines are available in Williamsport, West Lebanon and Pine Village for distance learning centers in those communities. High speed data and internet connections are available, with service provided by T-1, ISDN, cable, wireless, and other options depending on location.
  • Internet/Cable: Exede is the leading satellite internet provider. Satellite is a great option for people without cable internet wiring.
  • Waste Management: Local waste disposal companies contract to dispose of trash. The Warren County Solid Waste District enthusiastically promotes recycling and works with local industries creatively to help with their waste issues.